The passion continues as we continue our feasibility and discovery within the community at large.  With the help of Wondergem Consulting, we are reaching out into our community to garner support for the next phase of CompassionIT - the CITP.  What is the CITP? The concept is to create a shared IT Pantry where non-profits can look for assistance with their IT needs - not just hardware, but software, services and support.  We are calling on the entire community to bring our collective resources together to provide shared resources to fill this vital need. 

I think this quote from Heart of West Michigan United Way's President/CEO, Maureen Noe, sent us sums it up, "... there is a need for this work and United Way has interests providing backroom services for nonprofits so they can do what they do best… provide mission driven services.  ...We truly believe there could be something in a comprehensive collaborative approach." 

We couldn't agree more!





Congratulations to our Top 5 and especially Catherine's Health Center the top award winner who will receive at least $30,000 of Technology Infrastructure and services from Trivalent Group and Zenith Infotech, Ltd. 
This is so exciting and I am thoroughly impressed with the votes already in this first day of voting!!!   I can't wait to see how the next two weeks go with our top 20 candidates for this award!!!